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 Evelyn Parker, Founder

Hey ya'll!! I am Evelyn Parker, the founder of Undaunted Things. My daughter and I are on a mission to share hope, and encourage faith in this fearful world. Here’s my story.

I am an avid walker. Walking provides a place of serenity and stillness that allows me to commune with God and my thoughts. One day while taking my early morning walk, I heard God’s still voice instructing me to move back home; a place I had told myself I would never return to. After living in Memphis, TN for 44 years, my husband and I decided to listen to God and move back Hot Springs, AR. At that time, I did not understand why God wanted us to move by faith, to a place that evoked so much fear for me years ago. After the move, I naturally began to look for work, although entrepreneurship had been in my heart for years. I vividly remember sitting in a fast food restaurant thinking on my desires, and I asked God for an idea that would encourage others to know Him as I did.  Then it happened, on Feb 22, 2020, God gave me this quote, "Know Christ, No Fear, Know Power." I loved the saying because it is simple, but true. Ironically, fear would become such a strong force in the world days to follow because of COVID-19. Fear would be the kick starter to my new business venture I’ve built off faith, and the encouragement I knew people needed in the world today.

I believe that Undaunted Things will be a brand that encourages people to live fearlessly and trust the power of God. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us, and this includes following our dreams without limitations or fear. 

 Charity Westbrook, Co-Founder

Hey loves!!! I am Charity Westbrook, Co-founder of Undaunted Things.  My mother and I are on a mission to share hope, and encourage faith in this fearful world. Here’s my story.

I have always dreamed of starting a business one day.  There is something about doing things on your own terms that speaks to me.  Problem was, I had no clue what I wanted my business to be. My mother has always been the type of lady to encourage me to follow my dreams to see where they would take me. One day we were on the phone, and she shared with me her vision of encouraging others through apparel, and instantly I knew this was the start of my dream coming true. Once committed, my creative juices started following, and I haven’t stopped since. It’s amazing how one thought, one spark, can enable a person to make a difference; and that’s what we are here to do with Undaunted Things, we will impact the world! Our brand is not just a t-shirt line, but a call to live life fearlessly in faith.