What does it mean to have your life together?

So what does it mean to have your life together?


Is it having your dream job, house, car, and love life on fire ? Is it living wealthy and  traveling the world? Is it being a successful business owner with tons of investments? Or is it simply enjoying the good days of life and learning from the bad. Is it working a decent career job with a lovely family and a bright future? You decide what it means to have your life together. Stop beating yourself up  because you are not where you want to be at a certain age. Age is nothing but a number, you can still reach your goals no matter how old you are! If anything, simply stop making excuses and take action so that you can become a better YOU! Stop letting society determine your success. Don't compare your success to someone else's!


Check out these tips on how to feel better about life!


  1. Take control of your life- Good and bad things are going to happen. Recognize what you can change and stop making excuses. Your choices, thoughts, and actions are in your control! Learn from your mistakes and don't make idiotic decisions.
  2. Remove negative people OUT of your life- Don't waste your time around people who don't care about your success or people that make you feel less than. Surround yourself with people that are uplifting, loving, and REAL. Constantly wasting your time and emotions on people who don’t deserve it will drain your self- esteem and ruin your life! The right people will naturally come into your life once you start focusing on becoming a better YOU.
  3. Get active- join new organizations, make an effort to meet new friends, find new hobbies, write out your goals, complete your goals! Stop sitting around and start trying to change your life for the better.
  4. Figure out where you want to go- After writing out your goals, where do you want to be in the next year, five years from now and so on. Think about how you change your current situation to reach your ultimate goals. Think, plan, and take action!


If you think you are a failure then recognize that you are a success story! Your life is not ending just because you aren't where you imagined to be right now. Like I said what does it really mean to have your life together? You decide, Reach your dreams without limitations and remember to live fearlessly!



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